Travel Suitcase on Point

11th January 2023
Travel Suitcase on Point
For those of us who love travelling we’re sure you’ll agree that travelling in style is always the way to go! From your comfy airport attire to the luggage you carry, it’s common to want to look good during your journey. With many people adopting modern fashion, you can ensure you stand out whilst on your travels with a nice dose of vintage charm courtesy of this fantastic Louis Vuitton suitcase we currently have in our collection.
This vintage 1970s Louis Vuitton leather monogram suitcase, initialed with the letters "L.K", is a timeless classic that can still be used for travel or just as decoration. It looks wonderful even after 5 decades worth of use, with minor signs of wear and tear that simply add to its charm. The interior is in good condition and features two side pockets and two buckle fastening straps. Strong, sturdy and attractive, this suitcase is perfect for travel.
Whether you simply use it for your clothes or like to take a variety of items with you on your travels, the beauty of such suitcases is that they can take any kind of weight. Louis Vuitton’s dedication to creating quality items that last is clear for all to see in this lovely piece.
On the other hand, if you don’t travel as much but have fallen in love with this suitcase, your home deserves this kind of beauty too!
If you are a lover of antique décor and vintage art, you can use this suitcase simply to amplify your antique décor at home! It can be used as an art piece or as a good looking storage accessory, somewhere where it is visible to the eye.
The colours are highly neutral so it goes with any kind of décor or with any kind of outfits when you do decide to take it with you on your travels.

Being vintage, it is definitely a timeless classic. So if you are concerned about it going out of style, you have nothing to worry about. Such treasure will always be the new ‘in’ and it will never make you feel outdated.
At Charles Harness Antiques we have a huge selection of wonderful decorative antique items offering both functionality and style. Browse our current stock and get in touch if anything catches your eye.

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