Small Wooden Antique Side Tables

30th March 2023
Small Wooden Antique Side Tables
When redecorating a bedroom, we tend to focus on the bed and curtains, but we forget about the other tiny things that have a huge impact on the overall look of the room.
Side tables are very functional and add beauty to your room. A bedside table is more than just a shelf on which to keep your night cream and lamp. It can make or break the look of the room completely.
If you are a complete decor lover, then you know for certain that the right kind of side table is small, yet unique. Antique side tables are your best choice for this. Wooden side tables usually have very intricate carvings that depict the era they were made in, in one way or another – either the lifestyle or the decor style of the era.
Pairing these carved tables with a modern wooden bed will add charm to your room. If you are opting for a dark-coloured table, make sure your bed works in contrast to this. Otherwise, the room might become too dark and loud.
If the table you are choosing is made of light wood, your bed can be of a darker shade. These are just some ideas that can be played around with.
Antique wooden side tables also have sleek and elegant designs, as opposed to the myth that antique tables are bulky.
If the look of your room is delicate, your wooden antique table can match that too. If it is bold, opt for a bolder table that will showcase your essence completely.
Amongst our collection of antique occasional tables, you will find some great examples of antique side tables. Visit us to have a look. Link:

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