Preserving History, One Antique at a Time in Warwickshire

10th November 2023
Preserving History, One Antique at a Time in Warwickshire
Nestled in the heart of Warwickshire, Charles Harness Antiques is more than a store; it's a curated collection of history and craftsmanship. Founded by Charlie Harness, a connoisseur of European antique furniture, our Warwickshire-based business meticulously sources treasures from across Europe and the UK.
With a discerning eye for the exquisite and intricate, we have managed to unearth a rich assortment of Swedish and Gustavian antique pieces, a testament to the store's dedication to exceptional styling. Beyond Europe, our collection spans far and wide, offering an array of captivating pieces.
What sets us apart is our commitment to offering not just antiques, but bespoke creations tailored to your vision. Our dedicated workshop, equipped with traditional carpentry tools, breathes new life into antique finds or crafts bespoke pieces, be it Edwardian, Georgian, or European in style.
For trade customers, businesses, interior designers, and residential clients nationwide, we provide a premium service, ensuring each piece finds its perfect home. Whether you're captivated by an item in our stock or dream of a custom creation, trust Charles Harness Antiques to transform your space with timeless allure. Get in touch for Antiques Warwickshire.

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