Latest in: A Pair of Unique Italian Carved Oak Chairs

7th October 2022
Latest in: A Pair of Unique Italian Carved Oak Chairs
Italians are known for their amazing carving and hand painting techniques. Traditionally, furniture was made from all sorts of carved wood – be it furniture like chairs and tables or even statues and show pieces.

The 1800s saw an escalation in the manufacturing of carved antique chairs that were used in hallways. Chairs were made of oakwood which were then carved to give a touch of ornate appeal. These chairs were aesthetically pleasing and quite sought after too. There was especially a high demand for pairs and there are a few that have stood the test of time very well. Speaking of such pairs, we have here a classic one that has just made its way into our antique seating section. A pair ofItalian bleached Oak hall chairs.

This pair has been preserved very well and is in a very good condition. The unique legs of the chair showcase beautifully carved animals. Minute ornate details stand out beautifully in this elegantly handcrafted piece of period furniture that will sit wonderfully in a hallway that seeks something unique as its entryway focal point. The back, carved as a throne, gives it a touch of royalty while also being comfortable to sit in. The bleached oak look, in contrast with the traditional darker tone of oak that is more common with antique oak chairs, has toned down its air of formality to make it a relatively easy fit in a contemporary space.

The wood used in the manufacturing of these antique Italian carved chairs has been refurbished but not processed and painted so as to keep its authenticity intact. If you ever do get a chance to stumble upon old Italian carved furniture like this pair, make sure that you consider adding them to your collection. Follow the link to have a look at this wonderful pair.

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