Antiques by Theme

6th June 2022
Antiques by Theme
Our first post gave you a glimpse of the categories of furniture and antique decorative items that we have in our collection. Now let us have a look at the categorisation of our collection. We have roughly segregated our antiques into three categories based on the themes they relate to.
We have the Country Furniture theme as our first category where you will find a fabulous variety that brings in the true essence of the country style through furniture and decorative accessories. Antique country furniture is all about simple rustic elegance with characteristic features that were a product of locally available material, local crafts and trends. We try to bring in pieces that truly capture the essence of the timeline that they belonged to in the most beautiful manner.
English antique furniture has a class like no other. It is elegant, aesthetically appealing and uniquely designed. The style eras were attributed to the Royalty in power during the time and often featured wonderful elements of flamboyance and ornate detailing. We have some stunning pieces in our collection that are perfect examples of this. Have a look!
Our collection of Swedish antiques is quite versatile with many different things all in one place. Our Swedish antique furniture selection will often include Gustavian furniture pieces dating back to the late 17th and early 18th century. The Swedish furniture style shows certain shades of French designs alongside a strong neo classical influence which brought in elements such as symmetry, carved detailing and straight-lined columns, resulting in some truly unique pieces when combined with Swedish design techniques and tastes.

If you are in search of an antique dealer in Warwickshire with a rich and diverse selection, you’ve certainly found the right place! Browse through the website to have a look and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect piece. We hope you have as much fun scrolling through our collections as we do during our ongoing search for the most stunning and perfect antiques.

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