About Us

About Us

As a young boy, fascinated by his father Jack’s Arcadia Antiques workshop, learning to paint centuries-old chairs and sideboards and listening to the distinctive sound of a sander delicately going about its work, Charlie Harness developed an early passion for antiques - the look, the touch, the feel that only classic, bespoke pieces of furniture can provide. 

He always had a vision to one day run his own antiques business and, in 2014, Charlie was able to turn his childhood dream into reality, when Charlie Harness Antiques was established.  

The Warwickshire-based business was set up to supply customers with both antique and bespoke items. Having travelled extensively throughout Europe on sourcing missions, Charlie soon developed a keen eye for the finest European antique furniture, especially for the more exquisite and intricate styling.  

This is why you will regularly see an impressive selection of Swedish and Gustavian antique pieces on display, although the breadth and range of items available to Charlie Harness clients originates from far and wide - across the UK and the continent.  

Today, with a growing order book and high demand, Charlie Harness Antiques takes pride in offering a premium service to trade customers, businesses, interior designers and residential clients nationwide.  

We also have our own, dedicated workshop on Warwickshire, equipped with traditional carpentry tools, enabling us to restore, renovate or create any piece of furniture you wish. The style can be to your own taste; Edwardian, Georgian or European, for example.  

If you see an item of antique furniture we have in stock that inspires you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Or if you are looking for that special, bespoke piece – leave it to Charlie Harness Antiques to hunt it down or reproduce it for you.


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